Borland Compiler, known as Turbo Pascal, is a widely used application development tool that was developed by Borland International. The system of a compiler integrated development environment was released in 1983 and significantly changed the development process in terms of affordability and usability. On the one hand, Turbo Pascal provided programmers with the environments and the compiler for the Pascal’s code, and it improved the productivity of the developers thanks to rapid compile times and well develop checking of any errors. On the other hand, in the 1990s, Borland developed the compiler for C and C++ that also became popular in the development field due to precise implementation of standards, integration access, affordability, and performance.

These compilers were extremely important in the 1980s and 1990s to help many software applications to be developed. Moreover, it became an important tool for education and professional work, allowing programmers to get knowledge about the issue and improve the practice. Nowadays, it is clear that Borland International no longer exists, and only the antique versions of the compiler are available. Today, other more modern tools a used, such as Delphi for Pascal. However, it is still relevant to mention the Borland compilers because of their significant contribution to the history of software development. Overall, the compilers were widely used and rather useful for that time, and the company created other useful software tools too that had a certain influence on the software development.

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