How to write an object to a file in c++ ?

In C++, for writing and accessing an object to/from a file we may use write and read functions provided by fstream.

Consider this example :

#include <iostream.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <fstream.h>

class Student
int roll;
char name[30];

public :

void getDetails()
cout<<“Enter Student Details”<<endl;
cout<<“Roll No. : “;
cout<<“Name : “;

void showDetails()
cout<<endl<<“Student Details”<<endl;
cout<<“Roll No. : “<<roll<<endl;
cout<<“Name : “<<name<<endl;


int main()
Student s1;
Student s2;

s1.getDetails(); // taking details from user

/* Writing s1 object to Student.txt file */

ofstream fout(“c:\Student.txt”); // open file for writing
fout.write((char*)&s1,sizeof(s1)); // write s1 object to file
fout.close(); // close the file

cout<<“nData is saved in file, press any key to retrieve itnn”;

/* Reading saved object from Student.txt file and store it in s2 object */

ifstream fin(“c:\Student.txt”); //open file for reading*)&s2,sizeof(s2)); // save accessed data in s2 object
fin.close(); // close the file

cout<<“nData read from file : n”;

s2.showDetails(); // display data

return 0;

Output :

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