How to create a simple webpage ?

To create a simple webpage, we use HTML (i.e. Hyper Text Markup Language). HTML is a programming language which is used to develop webpages.


In order to create a simple webpage, we’ll go through these steps :

Step 1 : Open notepad and code your page.

My First Webpage</title>

Hello World !!! <br/>
I’m creating my own webpage.


Description :  HTML file contain plain text and  html tags.
HTML tags gives formatting information to the browser, i.e. how to format the contents of the page or how they are appearing on the browser.
<html> …… </html>  :  Indicate that file contain HTML code (i.e. it is a HTML document).


<head>……</head>  :  Give information about the document.

<title>……</title>  :  Define the title of the HTML document or file.

<body>…..</body> :  Contents that we like to show on webpage goes here.

<br/> :  Use to break line in HTML.

Step 2 : Save this file with .html or .htm extension.
Example : my_webpage.html

Step 3 : Your webpage is ready, now to load it in browser, double click the file icon.


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