Can we create a method having the same name as the class name (just like constructor) in Java ?

YES, we can define a method having same name as the class name.

class CodingDots
 CodingDots() // constructor
 System.out.println(“ I’m the Constructor of the Class. ”);
 void CodingDots() // method
 System.out.println(“ I’m an ordinary Method. ”);
 public static void main(String a[])
 CodingDots cd= new CodingDots(); // constructor called
 cd.CodingDots(); // method called


I’m the Constructor of the Class.
I’m an ordinary Method.


  • Constructor have same name as the name of a class but does not have any return type (not even void).
  • Method (function) having same name as class name is not allowed in C++.

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